Lawyer Exchange FAQ

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General Questions:

What is Lawyer Exchange?

Lawyer Exchange is an online platform that matches law firms seeking support with attorneys seeking work and mentorship. Law firms post specific legal projects, and lawyers looking for work submit proposals to complete the projects. The entire process is done online, from the initial post all the way to invoicing and payment. Created for lawyers, by lawyers, our platform is revolutionizing the way attorneys practice law today.

Can the general public use Lawyer Exchange to find a lawyer?

Many local bar associations provide “lawyer referral networks” to connect the general public to lawyers in their area. Lawyer Exchange is not a lawyer referral network because the platform is only open to practicing lawyers, connecting them with each other for project-based legal work.

Are you a staffing or recruiting agency?

No. Our platform simply connects lawyers with each other for project-based legal work. Lawyer Exchange is more affordable than recruiting or staffing agencies, presenting less financial risk and faster turnaround time to your practice.

I am looking for a full-time hire. Can Lawyer Exchange help me?

While Lawyer Exchange is not a recruiting service, we do provide you a unique opportunity to help you find qualified candidates for your practice. By posting project work, you can screen potential hires to see how they perform on common tasks they would be accomplishing while working with you. Just be sure to indicate in your Project Description that the project work could potentially lead to a full-time job. By posting multiple projects, you can work with a variety of candidates, allowing you to base your hiring decision off of real results from their project work. Once you have selected a candidate, Lawyer Exchange does not charge a recruiting fee; you’ll simply pay the 10% Lawyer Exchange fee for the project work they have completed.

How much does Lawyer Exchange cost?

It is free to join, post projects, and submit proposals on Lawyer Exchange. We add a 10% service fee to the final invoice that the Hiring Lawyer pays once the project is complete. Project Lawyers will not pay a fee on their invoice and receive 100% of their payment.

Membership Questions:

Who can use Lawyer Exchange?

Lawyer Exchange is open to all active, licensed attorneys in good standing and new law grads in the United States and its territories.

We are not open to legal professionals (paralegals, law clerks, consultants, etc) at this time.

What is a Project/Hiring Lawyer?

Lawyer Exchange has two types of members - Project Lawyers and Hiring Lawyers. The Project Lawyers are those looking for work, and the Hiring Lawyers are the ones posting projects and looking for help.

Can non-lawyers use Lawyer Exchange to find a lawyer?

No. We are currently only open to licensed attorneys and new law school grads.

I’m a law student - can I join Lawyer Exchange?

While we are only open to fully licensed lawyers, we do allow you to join if you have a bar exam scheduled or if you are awaiting results; you just won’t be able to submit proposals for projects until you have passed.

Do you confirm that a lawyer is fully licensed before joining?

We require lawyers submit their state registration information. Each registration is manually verified before they are given access to the platform.

I am a lawyer practicing outside the United States. Can I use Lawyer Exchange?

Send us an email to, and we will assess your situation to discuss a solution.

Is Lawyer Exchange only for young lawyers fresh out of school?

No! Any licensed attorney can use Lawyer Exchange to find Project work. In fact, a majority of our members have practiced law for over 5 years.

How does Lawyer Exchange work?

Whether you are looking for help or looking for work, Lawyer Exchange makes the process easy:

1- The Hiring Lawyer posts a legal project.

2- Project Lawyers will submit proposals.

3- The Hiring Lawyer reviews the proposals submitted by Project Lawyers, messages them if necessary, and then selects one to work with.

4- Once the project is complete, the Project Lawyer submits an invoice through Lawyer Exchange to the Hiring Lawyer.

5- The Hiring Lawyer pays the invoice (plus a 10% service fee) through Lawyer Exchange and the Project Lawyer receives their payment.

What kind of projects can be posted to Lawyer Exchange?

Hiring Lawyers can post any type of legal project work they need done to Lawyer Exchange; the most common types of work we see include drafting, research, review, court appearances, and client interaction. Projects can be in any area of law the Hiring Lawyer requires.

Do projects on Lawyer Exchange have to be completed remotely?

No. Hiring Lawyers may select “Remote only”, “On Site only”, or “Both Remote and On Site” for their Project location. This means Project Lawyers can find work throughout the country or locally to them.

What if the Hiring Lawyer and Project Lawyer are from different states?

Hiring lawyers will indicate if a certain State registration is required for their projects. In most cases, a project lawyer does not need to be licensed in the state where the project’s client is, since the hiring lawyer will be licensed there. If finding a project in a specific location is important to you, Lawyer Exchange allows you to filter your search by state.

Is there quality control with lawyers using the platform?

We provide a rating system for both hiring and project lawyers to leave feedback once a project is complete. This provides peace of mind for both parties. We also give each user a personal profile with their degree information, in-depth questions/answers, work examples, verifications, and even personal references. We also allow you to upload documents such as resumes and work samples.

How does Liability Insurance work?

The Hiring Lawyer needs to disclose whether they have a policy that covers another lawyer working with them on a project basis. If they don’t, they will make the project lawyer aware of that. Most policies today cover part-time, freelance, and project based work under the same conditions as your full-time associates - mainly that the work is overseen by the senior lawyer before it goes out to the client.

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